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1) Adjust the pH of water to 5.5. (NO LOWER). Use pH Down or lemon. Check with pH paper or meter.

2) If soaking A-Ok plugs, Macroplugs, or Miniblocks, mix in a little bit of plant food. Then just dip the starter in this pH 5.5 mix and it’s ready for the seed or cutting.

3) For all other Grodan products- SOAK, FLUSH, then PLANT!
Soak in plain water (pH 5.5) for 1/2 an hour (longer if soaking granulate).

4) Flush through with pH 5.5 water mixed with some plant food. Make sure the flushed water goes to waste. Then plant into your prepared Grodan block, slab, Grow-Cubes™, or granulate!

DO NOT SQUEEZE the cubes or blocks. They are designed for the perfect air/water ratio. When you squeeze the product you may ruin the good structure.