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Pargro Quick Drain

Our Pargro line has been modified to be the driest value-priced Rockwool in the market. Pargro Quick Drain™ (QD) blocks are up to 14% drier than Cultilene® Comfort blocks. Pargro QD slabs are up to 10% drier than our previous Neptune slabs. Pargro is the leader among affordable horticultural Rockwool. There are other brands that offer the same low price, but you end up sacrificing quality. Not with Pargro QD. Since it is made right in the Grodan factory, you can be assured of a high quality product at a great price.

NOW in smaller, plain brown ½ case boxes. Pargro products have minimal advertising.
No frills Pargro saves you money!



Case Count

Pargro QD 1.5” Plugs
Sheet of 98 plugs
14 sheets of 98 ( 1372 total starter plugs)
Pargro QD 1.5” block
Pack of 45 blocks
26 packs of 45 (1170 total starter blocks)

Quick Drain Blocks


Case Count

Pargro QD 3” block (3”x 3”x2.5”)
Strip of 8
24 strips of 8 (192 blocks)
Pargro QD 3” NO HOLE block (3”x 3”x2.5”)
Strip of 8
24 strips of 8 (192 blocks)
Pargro QD 4x2.5” block (4”x4”x2.5”)
Strip of 6
36 strips of 6 (standard large case)
Pargro QD 4x4” block (4”x4”x4”) Strip of 6 12 strips of 6 (72 blocks)
Pargro QD JUMBO block (6”x6”x4”)
36 blocks per case
Pargro QD BIGGIE block (6”x6”x6”)
24 blocks per case

Jumbo is a particular good choice when you want to use a big block in an ebb and flow system. If you want a drier top, then opt for the Biggie in your system, since capillary movement will generally not reach above 4” in a block on most flood tables.

Quick Drain Slabs

Case Quantities

Pargro QD slab 36”x6”x3” 12 slabs per case
Pargro QD slab 36”x8”x3” 12 slabs per case
Pargro QD slab 40”x6”x3” 12 slabs per case
Pargro QD slab 40”x8”x3” 12 slabs per case

Why did the Grodan® company create Pargro® Quick Drain?

We made Pargro because we recognized the need for an affordably priced, quality Rockwool with excellent drainage. There are lower-priced brands in the market that do not deliver what they promise – mainly a uniform product that drains well but does not fall apart. Try Pargro QD and you will see the difference.

What is the difference between Pargro and Grodan?

  • Pargro uses only one basic type of wool for propagation, one for blocks and another type for slabs. The wool used in Grodan is configured specifically with Delta® Technology for each Grodan product that is made.
  • The Grodan line includes a larger variety of products and sizes.
  • Pargro marketing and product support is limited, unlike for Grodan.

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